Dreamy Delicate Blues

I decided to play with this new palette because I thought the color combos were fun and creative, but was totally underwhelmed. The colors were so under-pigmented that no matter how much shadow I packed on, it was invisible color!  I won’t mention where I got it or what it’s called, BUT if you recognize this palette- WALK AWAY!!

I primed my lids completely with UDPP, and literally used 5 colors from the palette, but it’s so hard to tell because of the quality of the makeup.  The only salvation I can think of is to use a dark base and build up from there…bummer.  Send me a note if you want this POS.  I’ll send it to you with a kiss!

HOWEVER! What I was able to accomplish…did turn out PRETTY. Sometimes we have to make lemonade and roll with it!  The lashes were some random Elise lashes, blush was a combo of like 3 colors (I got silly), and the lips were a sparkly gold gloss by Sephora.
I hope you like it!!

Have a wonderful week.  I’m going to buy some better make-ups!


  1. That sounds like that Coastal Scents Creative Me palette I hated! Is that Avon or something? I don't recognize it. What's on your cheeks? So pretty!

    1. Good guess, girl! It's the Coastal Scents Paris palette!! Had such high hopes :( I honestly don't recall what I used for the blush...probably Tickled Pinkby ELF, and Dusty Rose by Nyx...my staples.