Twilight Beauty

Hi there!!  I'm harvesting some of my old most favorite makeup looks from my tumblr site...because I think this platform is going to be my  DOT COM!!!! AHHH!!!  I'm really really excited (and freaked out!!).  I'm getting the hang of it, and I've met some lovely lovely ladies that have given me some great encouragement and inspiration!! Thank you!!!  This is such a lovely community. :-)

Anywho... Here we go!

( @TwilightMakeup)

I resisted the urge to put in some creepy lenses and paint my face white, because this makeup deserves to be worn on the absolutely GORGEOUS warm blooded HUMAN!
I have to admit that I’m more of a Hunger Games Nerd than a Twilight Nerd- but I was really intrigued when I found these cosmetics. And with these pretty colors- GET ME MY CREDIT CARD. I even got the perfume that is actually really really beautiful!! No joke! Sultry floriental, dark, powdery, sexy!
The palette I used is Victoria with a deep pink blush, a dusty lilac and a  mauvey plum shadow, and two lip colors- a lighter pink, and a sheer wine shade.
The gloss used was Hush and it’s a pale bronzey gold that is quite possibly my new fave. I’m not joking! :-)
After applying foundation, concealer, powder, and brows, I primed my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lids (up to brow bone), then applied NYX jumbo pencil in Iced Mocha on my lid.  The rest is easier than that.
I applied a light color shadow (vanilla-ish) from the brow bone done to the crease. Then I worked the mauve shade (wow- so pigmented…didn’t expect it!) to the crease and blended that up and out. Then applied that dreamy lilac color to my inner lid with a sponge tip applicator (sticks a bit better for me, but a flat brush is easily as effective). Then added some matte black shadow to the outer crease and slightly along the crease bone and blended that quite gently. Next I applied black liner and mascara.  Finally, I applied the gorgeous blush, the darker wine gloss (really moisturizing!), and topped it off with that really sexy gloss in Hush.  Wow.  
Lashes: Red Cherry 119’s.
I have nothing snarky to say!  (!!!)  This is super wearable for a date night or daytime gorgeousness.  I ♥ it.
Hope you ♥ it too!!  Have a beautiful week :-)

Ivy was too busy to assist tonight


  1. Very pretty! And i love your haircolour!

  2. Worst Colleen & Twilight fan ever! I had no idea that 1. This makeup existed & 2. That you posted this amazing look! I'm checking out the site now! The packaging of that gloss looks fab.

    PS - How come Ivy is so awesome?!

    1. YESSSSS!!!! I truly treasure this makeup. It's so lovely. I had no idea!! The packaging is breathtaking.
      This is one of my all time favorite looks. LOVE this!!!

      Ivy is awesome, because WE DON'T KNOW!! It just happened that this little rescue kitten who likes to eat paper and throw poop decided to live with us. Score!

  3. You look amazing
    Love your hair