Maple Holistics: Argan Oil

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For today's post I wanted to review a product that I recently received from Maple Holistics!  I am VERY familiar with Maple Holistics as a skin and hair care company.  They pride themselves in offering products that are cruelty & sulfate free, all natural, and made in the US.  Over the years, I've tried several products from them, ranging from amazing shampoos, to face masks, to incredible facial serums. I have found all of the products to be of high quality, and extremely affordable. Even to this day, I continue to use some of their skin care in my nightly skin care regimen!

Today I wanted to spotlight their Argan Oil.  Maple Holistics offers a full 2 ounce bottle of their cold-pressed and refined Argan Oil for $14.99 (that's an amazing value!). This product has a very rich blend with a very luxurious feel to it. And as many of us know, argan oil is an incredible moisturizer with a multitude of purposes. This can be used on skin as an anti-aging preparation (argan oil is RICH in anti-oxidant vitamin A, as well as vitamin E), it can also be used to help heal minor skin issues, including burns and acne. Argan Oil is also most notably known for it's moisturizing properties, as it can be applied directly to dry skin and hair, leaving your skin soft and supple, and your hair smooth, manageable, and full of shine. I like to apply this gently under my eyes at bedtime, and I also add a drop to my evening facial moisturizer for an added boost! Argan oil is a must-have in your skin and hair care arsenal! 

I highly recommend that you visit Maple Holistics and give them a try. I appreciate their message as a company, as well as their thoughtfulness behind their products.  If you'd like to receive free products from them, you can do so by visiting this LINK (YES!! Free products!!!)

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* Thank you very much to Maple Holistics for sending this product for review.

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