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My Background

     I was a Fine Arts major in college (minoring in Japanese...I know...totally unexpected) and I had the honor of being head makeup artist for many theatrical shows that were produced locally. It was a natural fit for me, and a great learning experience!

Company photo from a great show with a great cast. See me?

     I got a teensy bit sidetracked in that I started actually performing in shows, and that was truly out of my norm!

I've always loved big hair!

     After college, I was discouraged. My education did not lead me to where I wanted to go.  It wasn't my passion.  I then decided to pursue Aesthetics, which was a perfect match for me.  I graduated at the top of my class, and received my license to perform professional cosmetic and skin care services.

      Since then I've had the opportunity of working with retail outlets, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, spas, and salons. I've been trained by Obagi, BioMedic, La Roche-Posay, PCA Skin, Aveda, Origins, PowerPeel, Diamond Peel, and Dermalogica.  In addition, I've completed training at the National Laser Institute and am certified in performing laser skin correction and hair removal treatments.  I specialize in problem skin: acne prone, cystic acne, sensitive, dry, and environmentally damaged. I love performing micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, and post operative treatments :-)

      I do makeup applications for all kinds of occasions; bridal, formal, prom, theatre, etc.
 If you have an interest, please contact me! If my schedule will allow, I am happy to help :-) 

Stay tuned for more makeup and skin related posts to come.

Thank you so much for visiting, and your interest in my site! It means so much to me.


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