Celebrity Makeup- Shirley Manson

     So I'm entering a  makeup contest that is themed "Celebrity Makeup Looks".  I think this is a really fun idea because there are so many ways to go about this.  You can go mainstream, detailed, off the wall, simple, red carpet, or in my case (for my first entry)- outside of the box.
     First of all, I love Shirley Manson.  She's gorgeous, talented, bold, outspoken, and generally looks like she stayed up too late, woke up too late, put her makeup on in a dimly lit hotel room, and then left for a gig with a cigarette in hand.  She always stays true to her rocker style, and I love that about her.

    This is my interpretation of Shirley Manson's signature look:


     I basically completed my foundation routine, tweezed and colored brows.  Then primed my lids with UDPP and used Nyx Jumbo pencil in Black Bean messily on the lid.  Then applied a deep black shadow on top and kind of created a crease shape.  For a rocker-chick, I don't want too much precision.  Then I used the Jumbo pencil on the lower lid and waterline. I roughed that up a bit also with black shadow. I used Ardell lashes in 120's.  Shirley isn't very big on big lashes, so I just used a natural pair.  Then I applied a pink blush to the hollows of my cheeks, and then blended a couple of red lipsticks together to get the right shade.  Blot.  DONE.

     For me, as a perfectionist, I will just say that although messy makeup is totally fun, IT STRESSED ME OUT!!! LOL!!  I think it turned out pretty good, and I hope that Shirley is honored by my devotion and effort, and knows that I'm eagerly awaiting Garbage's next album.... :-) 

    For your enjoyment, here is one of my most favorite Garbage songs in the history of the world, and Shirley looking 100% not anything at all like the makeup I did. Awesome.
     Enjoy: Cherry Lips

To view and vote click here: TeamShirley!

Have a beautiful day!!



It’s the 1930’s up in here!  HEYYYY!!!

I was playing with my Urban Decay Naked2 palette, and inspiration hit.
I went with a super sultry eye, thin brows, and dark lips. Absolutely fierce and classic 30’s film makeup.

Eye colors used are noted in the palette picture, the lips are NYX in Black Cherry, and lashes are Ardell 28’s. Perfect!  What a (small and demure) way to recognize the GREAT DEPRESSION (Oh I got you, trust me) and PROHIBITION-  I’m reaching for my vodka as we speak. Shit was crazy back then, honey!

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Thank heavens it’s 2012 and I don’t have to manufacture my moonshine in my tub!


Glittery Greens

     For this look I used some really pretty micro-glitter, so that means I’m going to have glitter everywhere, including my buttcrack, for the next two weeks, but that’s how it goes (it’s so true! It’s like sand!).
    First, I applied foundation, concealer, powder- then primed my lids with UDPP and Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt.  Then I applied Nyx loose chrome powder in Grass Green.  I went with a defined crease-line using a dark green, for this I used Nyx in Exotic Green.  Then used a nice highlight shade under the brow and gently blended the lines together so they weren’t too harsh.

     To apply the glitter, I padded on a sticky base to the lids, then with a flat brush tapped on the glitter.  Lined my eyes, put on some Red Cherry Lashes (415’s), contoured and blushed using the ELF palette in Blushed and Bronzed, and lips are lined with the best liner in the history of lip liner: Wet n’Wild 666, and Nyx Ceto lipstick (any frosty nude will work!) and some natural shade of gloss.
Hope you like it!

Corporate Glam

     IF you are like me and have a corporate job Monday through Friday (UGH), when I wear makeup to work (RARELY…lately) THIS IS MY GO TO FAVORITE WORK LOOK OF THE CENTURY.
Colors can easily be exchanged for your skin tone or preference, but for me- the star of the show is MAC blush in Flirt and Tease that I use as my CREASE SHADOW. STUNNING.  It’s a deep mauve with sparkle and I love it, been using it for years.

     This is how I do my eyes:
Prime the lid with fave primer. Fill in my brows with product of choice.  Then I apply a light vanilla shadow ALL over the lid and up to the brow bone.  I don’t want any colors to drag, a soft, blendable surface is ideal for this in my opinion.

     Then apply your crease shadow. Blend that up and soften the edges up to the brow bone.  I use a softer pink to soften the line and to also make it look more gradual. Next I use an angled soft brush and use black shadow in the outer corners, blending to the outside crease.  Blend.  Blend some more.  Finish it up with a pop of pretty inner eyelid color.  My fave is Cover Girl in Champagne. Finally, liner and mascara. Bam.

     Voila. Colleen’s favorite work look. Even though work is not my favorite.

Ivy is doing her nails.

Dreamy Delicate Blues

I decided to play with this new palette because I thought the color combos were fun and creative, but was totally underwhelmed. The colors were so under-pigmented that no matter how much shadow I packed on, it was invisible color!  I won’t mention where I got it or what it’s called, BUT if you recognize this palette- WALK AWAY!!

I primed my lids completely with UDPP, and literally used 5 colors from the palette, but it’s so hard to tell because of the quality of the makeup.  The only salvation I can think of is to use a dark base and build up from there…bummer.  Send me a note if you want this POS.  I’ll send it to you with a kiss!

HOWEVER! What I was able to accomplish…did turn out PRETTY. Sometimes we have to make lemonade and roll with it!  The lashes were some random Elise lashes, blush was a combo of like 3 colors (I got silly), and the lips were a sparkly gold gloss by Sephora.
I hope you like it!!

Have a wonderful week.  I’m going to buy some better make-ups!

Peaches and Paperself

For this look, I focused on this shimmery peach shadow- Pure Luxe in Beauty Queen (gorgeous!). It’s perfect and angelic as a standalone color. I applied that up to the brow bone, and used a light highlighter shade under the brow. Then I used a white shadow for the lower lid and waterline. I kept things simple, but pumped up the magic with my favorite pair of Paperself lashes, Deer and Butterfly. I used a shimmery peach blush from E.L.F and the lips were Pumpkin Pie by Nyx and a coral gloss by Sephora.
Congrats to Paperself for being featured in the Hunger Games movie!!  AHHHHH!!!! YAY!! So excited!!
I hope you like it!  I think it’s perfect for grocery shopping. In The Capitol ;-)
Have a blessed and wonderful week :)
P.S. R.I.P Jerome.  I am always by your side.

Twilight Beauty

Hi there!!  I'm harvesting some of my old most favorite makeup looks from my tumblr site...because I think this platform is going to be my  DOT COM!!!! AHHH!!!  I'm really really excited (and freaked out!!).  I'm getting the hang of it, and I've met some lovely lovely ladies that have given me some great encouragement and inspiration!! Thank you!!!  This is such a lovely community. :-)

Anywho... Here we go!

(TwilightBeauty.com/ @TwilightMakeup)

I resisted the urge to put in some creepy lenses and paint my face white, because this makeup deserves to be worn on the absolutely GORGEOUS warm blooded HUMAN!
I have to admit that I’m more of a Hunger Games Nerd than a Twilight Nerd- but I was really intrigued when I found these cosmetics. And with these pretty colors- GET ME MY CREDIT CARD. I even got the perfume that is actually really really beautiful!! No joke! Sultry floriental, dark, powdery, sexy!
The palette I used is Victoria with a deep pink blush, a dusty lilac and a  mauvey plum shadow, and two lip colors- a lighter pink, and a sheer wine shade.
The gloss used was Hush and it’s a pale bronzey gold that is quite possibly my new fave. I’m not joking! :-)
After applying foundation, concealer, powder, and brows, I primed my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lids (up to brow bone), then applied NYX jumbo pencil in Iced Mocha on my lid.  The rest is easier than that.
I applied a light color shadow (vanilla-ish) from the brow bone done to the crease. Then I worked the mauve shade (wow- so pigmented…didn’t expect it!) to the crease and blended that up and out. Then applied that dreamy lilac color to my inner lid with a sponge tip applicator (sticks a bit better for me, but a flat brush is easily as effective). Then added some matte black shadow to the outer crease and slightly along the crease bone and blended that quite gently. Next I applied black liner and mascara.  Finally, I applied the gorgeous blush, the darker wine gloss (really moisturizing!), and topped it off with that really sexy gloss in Hush.  Wow.  
Lashes: Red Cherry 119’s.
I have nothing snarky to say!  (!!!)  This is super wearable for a date night or daytime gorgeousness.  I ♥ it.
Hope you ♥ it too!!  Have a beautiful week :-)

Ivy was too busy to assist tonight

Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset
And YES I qualify because I was born in the desert, and STILL live here- and if I didn’t have my sunsets, I might actually FINALLY move to New Zealand. Or Portugal. And London. I could totally do that.
But- I’m here, for now.  So with that being said, I need to just notify the internets that this past week has been an absolute nightmare for me. Super rough stress. My body has taken things very hard. I’m sure I’m a hormonal mess (because I am a LADY, dammit), so my reward was a very painful, very deep, very 3-dimensional cystic acne breakout.  I have no shame.  I’m delighted to show you what I look like without makeup. This is very important because we ALL break out. We all have our insecurities. We ALL have shitty weeks.  We are human. We are ALLOWED to have a bad day or two!  SO- my issues are not going to curtail me from doing what I love.
So, after a craptacular week, and a 2 hour nap (with the weirdest and most psychedelic dreams), I present you this look of desert sunset dreamy-ness.
I used some amazing pigments from My Beauty Addiction and lashes are Red Cherry 43’s.
I am sending you light and love for the next week!! I am praying that my next week is safe and full of the loving kindness that I put into each day.
Colleen and Ivy

New to Blogspot!

Hi there!!! :-)

This is new to me! I'm trying this out to see what it's like here!! I'm a licensed makeup artist/aesthetician that goes into fits of creativity on a weekly basis, and I like to blog about it!
I love to share ideas, see new trends, try new products, and chat with others who share my passion! I love following other beauty bloggers, so if you are one- don't be shy :-)  We are a very special community!!

My home website for the past however long (??) is VanityandVodka.com and I have built up quite a history of looks there from over the years.  I love it because it's Tumblr based, and SO USER FRIENDLY and I love so many things about it, but it also has some challenges for a beauty blogger. I wanted to experiment with this format and see how I do!  I've had people ask me lots of questions, and if this format is easier, then by all means, ask away!

I've posted some of my most recent looks (it would take me forever to post them all from my home website) but feel free to visit and see how my hair color has changed over the years...Ha!!

Thank you so much for visiting!!

I hope you have a beautiful day! :-)