Celebrity Makeup- Shirley Manson

     So I'm entering a  makeup contest that is themed "Celebrity Makeup Looks".  I think this is a really fun idea because there are so many ways to go about this.  You can go mainstream, detailed, off the wall, simple, red carpet, or in my case (for my first entry)- outside of the box.
     First of all, I love Shirley Manson.  She's gorgeous, talented, bold, outspoken, and generally looks like she stayed up too late, woke up too late, put her makeup on in a dimly lit hotel room, and then left for a gig with a cigarette in hand.  She always stays true to her rocker style, and I love that about her.

    This is my interpretation of Shirley Manson's signature look:


     I basically completed my foundation routine, tweezed and colored brows.  Then primed my lids with UDPP and used Nyx Jumbo pencil in Black Bean messily on the lid.  Then applied a deep black shadow on top and kind of created a crease shape.  For a rocker-chick, I don't want too much precision.  Then I used the Jumbo pencil on the lower lid and waterline. I roughed that up a bit also with black shadow. I used Ardell lashes in 120's.  Shirley isn't very big on big lashes, so I just used a natural pair.  Then I applied a pink blush to the hollows of my cheeks, and then blended a couple of red lipsticks together to get the right shade.  Blot.  DONE.

     For me, as a perfectionist, I will just say that although messy makeup is totally fun, IT STRESSED ME OUT!!! LOL!!  I think it turned out pretty good, and I hope that Shirley is honored by my devotion and effort, and knows that I'm eagerly awaiting Garbage's next album.... :-) 

    For your enjoyment, here is one of my most favorite Garbage songs in the history of the world, and Shirley looking 100% not anything at all like the makeup I did. Awesome.
     Enjoy: Cherry Lips

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Have a beautiful day!!



  1. You look exactly like her! Probably having red hair and similar bone structure helps :-) Regardless, that makeup is stunning. Good luck with the contest!

    1. LOL!!! Thank you so much!! Truly appreciated :-)

  2. You did a beautiful job replicating this look and even look like her at a glance. But upon looking a bit longer, you're face is much more lovely and soft :)

    1. Thank you so so much!! And this is why I adore you so. :-) xoxo!

  3. You look stunning xx


  4. What foundation do you use?