Gothic Glam

Gothic Glam
I couldn’t resist! I got the new Nyx Cosmetics palette, The Crimson Amulet Collection inspired by the film, Dark Shadows. I had to go to the dark side for this week’s look!
The look is a little vampy, a little trampy and I love it.
Yes, I used a highly pigmented white powder on top of my already pale foundation, so I’m extra ghostly :-) I used the darkest black shadow and the darkest taupe to do a cut crease/winged eye shape. Then used the white color to use as my highlighter color under the brows.
I did some light contouring along the cheekbones, and used the matte blush (duo) from the palette.  At first I went with the darkest of the lip colors, but it was a touch too dramatic.  I wanted the end result to still be “delicate” and kinda wearable, so I used the lightest shade of the lip colors. Turned out super pretty. My husband says this is his “favorite so far”!  (Isn’t that sweet?!)
Lashes are Red Cherry 74’s. And I’m wearing a pair of gray circle lenses.  CREEPY and pretty!
I’ll tone down the drama next week, and do a more wearable look with this palette, because it is so versatile. It may be my new favorite. The matte shades alone are utterly stunning! So lovely!
Hope you have a great week!  I need to find The Cure’s Greatest Hits album. (YEAH- I’m pretty sure I still have it on vinyl.)
Colleen and Ivy ♥

Ivy needs attention NAO


  1. you are stunning! :D
    such a pretty face, wow ! :)

    Im following you now :)

  2. OMG! you are so pretty! and i looooove your looks
    started following! regards from vienna

  3. I love this look! It's right up my ally. Gorgeous work :D

  4. Haaaaiiiiiiiiii Ivy!! LOL

    Love the wing! Is there much fall out with the shadows & blushes?

    1. LOL!! Not at all :-) I really love this collection!! Sparkly shades and super mattes. Super versatile!!