New to Blogspot!

Hi there!!! :-)

This is new to me! I'm trying this out to see what it's like here!! I'm a licensed makeup artist/aesthetician that goes into fits of creativity on a weekly basis, and I like to blog about it!
I love to share ideas, see new trends, try new products, and chat with others who share my passion! I love following other beauty bloggers, so if you are one- don't be shy :-)  We are a very special community!!

My home website for the past however long (??) is and I have built up quite a history of looks there from over the years.  I love it because it's Tumblr based, and SO USER FRIENDLY and I love so many things about it, but it also has some challenges for a beauty blogger. I wanted to experiment with this format and see how I do!  I've had people ask me lots of questions, and if this format is easier, then by all means, ask away!

I've posted some of my most recent looks (it would take me forever to post them all from my home website) but feel free to visit and see how my hair color has changed over the years...Ha!!

Thank you so much for visiting!!

I hope you have a beautiful day! :-)


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