Peaches and Paperself

For this look, I focused on this shimmery peach shadow- Pure Luxe in Beauty Queen (gorgeous!). It’s perfect and angelic as a standalone color. I applied that up to the brow bone, and used a light highlighter shade under the brow. Then I used a white shadow for the lower lid and waterline. I kept things simple, but pumped up the magic with my favorite pair of Paperself lashes, Deer and Butterfly. I used a shimmery peach blush from E.L.F and the lips were Pumpkin Pie by Nyx and a coral gloss by Sephora.
Congrats to Paperself for being featured in the Hunger Games movie!!  AHHHHH!!!! YAY!! So excited!!
I hope you like it!  I think it’s perfect for grocery shopping. In The Capitol ;-)
Have a blessed and wonderful week :)
P.S. R.I.P Jerome.  I am always by your side.


  1. love this, colleen! would love to do this when i go clubbing, lol! (too old to go clubbing now... lol!) you have beautiful eyes, and you are amazing w/ makeup. :) just followed you on google and twitter, and hoping to stay connected. cheers from usa!

    1. Hi Jasmine!! LOL!! Clubbing. That brings back MEMORIES!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! And thank you so very kindly for the follow, I shall absolutely return the follow :-)
      Thank you again!
      Have a beautiful day!