Purple Smoke- Glamour Doll Eyes

This week's look is something that I've been craving for some time!! I've been needing a purple smoky eye like I've been needing a doughnut and a full body massage... and then a cocktail and then another doughnut! Oh girl! If I went into detail about my current life stress, you would run to me with an adult beverage and a hug!  BUT I digress!!  Let's talk makeup!

The colors featured for this look are from Glamour Doll Eyes. A fantabulous brand that I've supported over the years.  The owner, Vee, is an absolute sweetheart.  I love her makeup and want nothing but success for her :-)  (P.S. I am not being paid to do this- All Glamour Doll cosmetics were my own purchases.)


Ahh!! My beloved smoky eye!!

Here are the details:
After foundation (Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse), powder, and brows are done...

* Primer- Urban Decay Primer Potion (over entire lid and brow bone), and Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Slate on lid only.
* Light pale shadow dusted from brow bone to crease. I used Ulta shadow in Naked.
* Inner Corner- Glamour Doll shadow in Typical Girl
* Mid Lid- Glamour Doll shadow in Glam Girl
* Outer Corner/Crease- Glamour Doll in Nymphette.  This color is  A M A Z I N G. This is part of the Bloggers Collection. I ♥ Nymphette! 
* I used  After Prom as a delicate blender shade, softening up the edges from the crease to the brow.
* Then I dusted Nymphette and Glam Girl on my lower lid to bring on the smoke!

* Final touches: Black liner applied to lash line and water line.
* Then applied mascara, followed by Red Cherry Lashes #415

* THIS shade from one of my favorite Coastal Scents palettes!
* Nyx Paparazzi Lipstick followed by Whipped lip gloss.

I hope you like it!!  
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Shimmering Greens!

Hey everyone!! I hope you are all doing well!  Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes last week!! (I hope you didn't miss out on the most hilariously sweet blog post from the lovely ladies of WyoSparkles...in case you did- you must check it out here!)  I had a wonderful birthday, and am beyond excited for all the new things to come in this next year!

I'm also very excited about this week's look!! I hope you like it too.  I'm using some amazing colors that I think you will love!! Check out the look!

THOSE GREENS!!  So so pretty!!

The colors featured today are from SFRbeauty.com.  SFRbeauty.com is an online beauty company based out of San Francisco, California. They offer a wide range of beauty products ranging from skincare, cosmetics, body and haircare to customers worldwide. They have an extensive site that is very user friendly!  I LIVE for online shopping!!

 The shadows used are from Mica Beauty:

The shadows are mineral based, highly pigmented, easy to use, and absolutely beautiful.
The color "Cadence" is a mesmerizing deep teal, with a duo-chrome silver tone to it.  I absolutely adore it!

Here is the breakdown of the makeup application:

* Mica Beauty Foundation Powder.  This is an all natural full coverage mineral makeup that goes on smoothly and is easy to blend. I love this makeup because it is good for all skin types, including the most sensitive (that's me!).  If you are prone to redness, breakouts, uneven skin tone, this is a lovely foundation for you.  It won't clog your pores, and you end up with a photo finish.  Beautiful.
I used the shade Lady Godiva.

* Primed entire lid with Urban Decay Primer Potion
* Used a soft vanilla matte shadow from brow down to crease
* Mica Beauty Shimmers in Sunshine to inner corner, Kelly Green to middle of eyelid, Cadence to outer corner and lower lid. That was carefully blended up and out towards the brow bone.
* Lined eyes with my favorite black liner...any will do
* Applied mascara, and Red Cherry Lashes in WSP. My new faves!
* Lined waterline with a white liner

* Bare Escentuals Mineral Blush in Glee

* Nyx Round lipstick in Perfect
* Nyx Round Gloss in Kiss

Hope you like it!  Thank you again for all your support and encouragement!! It means the world to me.
Have a beautiful week :-)
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Larkspur Inspired Makeup and Honeycolor.com Lenses!

     The Larkspur is a beautiful flower that has been known for centuries for its holistic, medicinal, and spiritual properties.  It is also the July Birth Flower.  AND wouldn't you know it?  I'm a July baby!!  So in celebration of July babies, I'm presenting this look for you!

     First I completed my foundation routine using Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.  (I've been getting a lot of questions... that's the one foundation I use!).  I always finish with a good translucent powder to set everything, then complete my brows.

     For the eyes I primed with Urban Decay Primer Potion and Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk.  Then  I dusted on a brow highlighter color...anything will work, pale white, pink, whatever.

Next, the color!  The shadows for this look are from My Beauty Addiction. Colors for tonight are:
Orchid- Pale purple on lid.
Royal- Deep blue on outer corner, crease, and lower lid.
Aquadise- Delicate teal used to blend Royal gently up to to the brow. (I call it a "blender shade" in this purpose.)
Jealous- This is a beautiful bright green that I used on the majority of my lower lid.
I also used Aspen Summit #23 from Sephora as my bright color in the inner corner of my eyes. It's a bright silky white, and I can't seem to live without it lately.

     The lashes are TOXIC from Sugarpill. I can't even explain them! They are wispy, bold, and spottified with lime green strands!!  PERFECT for this look!

Blush is from the Lauren Luke Vintage Glams palette, and lips are NARS Shrinigar lipstick followed with a lovely gloss called Lola by Bare Escentuals.

     The lenses featured tonight are from Honeycolor.com and they are the Angelic series. I absolutely adore them!  Breathtaking!  The color that I am wearing are the  Princess Green, and they are so incredibly pigmented, easy to apply, and comfortable...I love the delicate boldness of them. Honeycolor.com has an incredible selection of lenses, so definitely check them out if you love to play with lenses like I do :-)  AND there is currently a SALE going on! My favorite!

Happy birthday to all the July babies out there!!  I hope you like my look for the week!! Thank you again so much for all the support and encouragement!  It is SUNSHINE to me, and I grow each day.
Thank you.  THANK YOU!!

Bright Pink and Silver- For Marina ♥

Recently I have had the pleasure and delight to meet some absolutely STELLAR beauty bloggers!! We have so much in common, and you have been so encouraging and supportive- I've found some great friends, and what feels like SISTERS.  You ladies seriously make my day.  I love having your company present through Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, etc.  You have no idea how it helps me get through my torturous workdays. You really are bursts of pure sunlight to me.

Well one of those very special sisters, Marina from mCubedMakeup, asked me to do a look using bright pink and silver.  So this is for her.

For this look, first I took care of my foundation, powder, and brows. Then I primed my lids with UDPP.  Next I applied Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the lid itself to create a tacky surface.  Then picking some bright pinks from my Coastal Scents 252 Palette, I started blending them into my crease and up and out to soften harsh edges.  I used a soft vanilla shadow for my brow highlighter shade.  For the silver I used Nyx Metal Mania Loose Powder in Silver Pearl.

Don't kill me...but I applied this to my lid with a SPONGE TIP APPLICATOR!!  AHH!!!!  With glitters and loose metallics, I do this on purpose because I don't want the fallout that a brush will give me.  I want it packed on a small surface and easy to adhere to a tacky surface. Easy. Done. No mess. :-)

You'll notice I did some contouring in the outer V and corners with black shadow to add some depth.
Then I lined my eyes, applied mascara, and popped on some Red Cherry Lashes (#62).

Blush: Nyx Dark Shadows Palette
Lips: Nyx Round Lipstick in Doll, and Doll Pink Gloss.
Lenses: Geo Ultra in Black 

I hope you like it!! It's quite fun if your in the mood for a burst of color :-)

Thanks again to all my ladies. You're very special and I thank you for making me smile.


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4th of July Night Sky- With the 252 Palette!

Exciting times, friends!  My Coastal Scents Ultimate 252 palette has arrived and I'm on a rampage.  There is no need for me to leave the house for any reason, EVER!  I had a list of palettes that I was wanting to purchase, but that list hit the trash as soon as I saw this massive assortment of color.

SO let the fun begin:
The look for this week is inspired by the 4th of July.  NOPE.  Not going to paint the American Flag on my face.  NOPE.  No red, white, and blue stars and stripes anywhere to be seen.  I'm sticking with my style and going with what is beautiful about the 4th of July- for me.

Now I live in the desert, and currently it's 200 degrees outside and the pavement is molten lava. Yuck. HOWEVER, I am lucky to have some of the prettiest sunsets and nightfalls I've ever seen. Imagine that with sparkly fireworks :-)

Coastal Scents Ultimate 252 Palette  www.coastalscents.com

For the look, I selected colors that were reminiscent of a beautiful July nightfall. Gold, fuscia, deep blues, and purples. Then I applied Sugarpill sequined lashes in Baby Dewdrop.  Then I layered Red Cherry 203's on top to create a massively glamorous lash line.  White liner and shadow was applied in the waterline and I added some little rhinestones under the eye for some added drama and sparkle.

I don't recall which blush I used (Sorry!), but I know for sure that the lips are Smashbox gloss in Fame.

Yes!! I've been playing a lot with lenses lately, and I couldn't resist these giant circle lenses. It's amazing how they can completely change your appearance. These are from LensVillage.com and are extremely comfortable :-)

I hope you like it :-)  Please have a safe and happy 4th of July (regardless of which country you are in!!)