Hey Everyone :-)

For this makeup look, I am taking some inspiration from a very sweet creature that is showing up in my life right now in some really wonderful ways :-)

I've always been mesmerized by hummingbirds.  Their colors, their joy, their energy. :-)

When I saw this picture of this little hummingbird, I fell in love!  It's absolutely beautiful.
I wanted to emphasize the bold colors and play up the delicate nature of this little sweetie.

And of course for something this colorful, you know I had to call on the amazing powers of Sugarpill Cosmetics!

I hope you like it ♥

       Hummingbird Image: Carol S. Sheppard

♥ Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk to lid (and waterline)
♥ Marylin Miglin Shadow in Modelite from brow to crease
♥ Sugarpill shadow in Lumi to inner corner
♥ Sugarpill shadow in Absinthe to lid
♥ Sugarpill shadow in Weekender to outer V, crease, and edge of 
lower lash line
♥ Sugarpil shadow in Paperdoll blended from crease gently up and 
out towards brow bone
♥ Sugarpill shadow in Magentric to middle of lower lash line
♥ Black eyeliner and mascara
♥ Red Cherry lashes in 107's
♥ Gemstones added for extra twinkle :-)  


♥ Ulta powder blush in Sunkissed


♥ Marilyn Miglin lip pencil in Mochaberry
♥ Nyx round lipstick in Ceto
♥ Nyx round lipgloss in Kiss

And there you have it :-) 
I love how it turned out.  I hope you like it too!

Wishing you a very wonderful week!

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Hope to see you there! ♥

Taking A Minute

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to write a quick post and let you know that I am taking a small break for myself following the passing of my beautiful Mother, Nadine on Tuesday November 5th.

She had been battling cancer, and during this battle she experienced a neurological event that brought about a very unexpected and swift decline.  She was surrounded by family, and I was holding her hand tight at the time of her passing.

I am broken :(  I am devastated to be without my Mother. So you can probably understand why I've been so quiet lately.  It has been my top priority to be with her as much as I could, and I am so grateful for the time we shared prior to her passing.

I know that my Mom would kick my ass if I blubbered on for too long here.  She was a fabulous woman who loved fashion and makeup, and she knew how passionate I am about my blog and makeup. I can sense that she would want me to get back to it as soon as I can.

I just need a minute.

I want to thank everyone that has been sending love and prayers.  I appreciate each and every one of you, and I send the love right back.

Thank you again ♥
You will see me real soon.


 I love you, Mom.