Eat. Sleep. Polish.

Hey, Everyone!!

I am so excited to do this post today, because my dear and awesome friend Caterina of  Eat Sleep Polish just gifted me with the best care package EVER!

I've known Cat for quite some time now- She is an amazing beauty blogger with a passion for nail polish and design. I remember meeting her originally on Twitter.  She seemed to relate to my sense of humor, so I instantly loved her. :-)  As time has gone on, we've gotten to know each other, and I adore her to bits. When she told me that she was creating her own line of polishes, my head totally exploded!  This is so perfect!  Following her passion will lead her to great success. When I see her brand is gaining popularity, it fills me with excitement. I am so proud of her!!

So when I received this extremely generous package in the mail, I have to admit that I got a bit misty eyed.  Her creations are her dreams manifested.  And they are beautiful.

The shades that I received are:

Alice in Polishland Collection: Off With Her Head

This is a richly packed glitter polish with black, silver, white glitter, and awesome red hearts :-)

Alice in Polishland Collection: The Queen's Croquet

This is a flirty pink polish that is very shimmery and with holographic micro glitter :-)

Alice in Polishland Collection: Painting The Roses Red

This is a knockout holographic burgundy shade.  It is gorgeous and presently on my toes :-)

Alice in Polishland Collection: Bruised Her Soul

This is a holographic vampy plum color that is gorgeous!!

Last but not least, I received a custom polish.  Just for me.
She called it: "Colleen the Childlike Empress"
(Cat- I LOST IT when I opened this one.)

This color, although hard to see in the picture, is a sheer pale white polish filled with micro sparkles - the colors of pure fantasy.  They shimmer blue, silver, pink and gold.
It is enchantment in a bottle.

I am at a loss for words.  I've been so sappy lately.  I've been hitting some recent challenges and feeling a little less than fabulous. This is such a special and thoughtful gift, and it arrived right at the perfect time-  I can't even begin to explain. This shade is so innocent and magical.  Beautiful.
Thank you, Caterina. 

NOW that everyone is teary eyed, I am happy to share a picture of the other goodies that my Canadian beauty sent along with these amazing polishes....

HOW HILARIOUS is this amazing assortment of Canadian touristy goodness?!?!?
I can't!!!  I can't!!
I was just saying to myself the other day how I needed a framed photo of a moose, and now I have a festive Canadian button for nearly every work day!  Ha ha!!  This is so awesome!
And YES I put my keys on that key chain immediately :-)

Thank you so much for stopping by for this very special blog post. 
I am so thrilled for Caterina and I am standing in the sidelines cheering her on.
If you get a chance to get your hands on her hand blended, vegan, cruelty-free polishes, they truly are exquisite.
I can't wait to add more to my collection. :-)


Gold Smoky Eye Featuring MUA

Hey, Everyone!

For this week's makeup look I wanted to do a look using some Makeup Academy shadows.  I have collected quite a bit of makeup from this brand, and I must say that I love it!
For the price, the quality is amazing.  The colors are richly pigmented and blend quite easily. :)

I went with a gold smoky look, and I love how it turned out!


♥ Urban Decay Primer Potion
♥ Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt to lid
♥ Ulta Shadow in Naked from brow to crease
♥ MUA mauve shadow from the  Artiste Collection above crease
MUA Shadow # 30 (shimmer plum) to crease
MUA Shadow # 24 (gold) to lid
MUA Shadow # 20 (matte black) to outer V and crease
♥ Nyx Shimmer Roll on in Almond to lid
♥ Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Iced Mocha to lower lash line
MUA Shadow #20 (matte black) to lower lash line
♥ Black eyeliner to lash and waterline
♥ Red Cherry Lashes 107's


♥ Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120
♥ Maybelline Pressed Powder in Cameo
♥ Mauve Blush from MUA Artiste Collection


♥ Wet N' Wild Lip Liner in 666
♥ Nyx Round Lipstick in Ceto
♥ Nyx Round Lip Gloss in Natural

If you would like to see the video tutorial, check it out below!
(I'm working with a new camera, so be patient with me as I figure it out ♥)

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I truly love it when you do!
Have a blessed and wonderful week ♥


Valentine's Day Makeup

Hey, Everyone!

Sorry if I have been quiet; I am working on many projects at the moment and have been rather busy.  It's all very exciting stuff, so stay tuned!

For this week's makeup look, I wanted to do something for Valentine's Day. Now for those of you that know me, I know you are in shock. I rarely EVER do Valentine's Day makeup!  In fact, I am known for my "Anti-Valentine's Day" makeup looks!  (There is still time for that! Ha ha!)

But for 2014, I thought, "why not?" So, I whipped out a Valentine's Day look that is CUTE  (gasp!) and quite worthy of being worn to a Valentine's Day date where your significant other will present you with chocolates and jewelry! (My husband reads my blog... Hi sweetie!! Hint hint!)

Let's check it out!


♥ Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk to lid, lower lash line, and water line
♥ Sugarpill Loose Shadow in Lumi to upper and lower inner corner of lid
♥ Sugarpill Loose Shadow in Magentric to lid
This color was also used in the center of lower lash line
♥ Sugarpill Pressed Shadow in Poison Plum to outer V, Crease, and edge of lower lash line
♥ Sugarpill Loose Shadow in Weekender to outer corner and crease, blended gently
♥ Black Eyeliner and Mascara
♥ Red Cherry Lashes in 415's


♥ Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in shade 120
♥ Maybelline Pressed Powder in Cameo
♥ Ulta Powder Blush in Heartbreaker


♥ Nyx Round Lipstick in Paris
♥ Nyx Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie

There you have it! An ACTUAL Valentine's Day look from me!! Ha ha!!  I love colorful and flirty looks, so this was fun to put together :)

Whether you love the holiday or not, I hope it is better than what you wish for. ♥

Thank you for stopping by, I truly love it when you do!
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Have a great week :-)