Summer Glam: Lashes & Lips

Hey, Everyone!

For me, SUMMER makeup is EASY makeup!
I don't know about you, but I don't always have the patience to paint a full face just to have it melt off hours later! (I try though, I still try!)

I live in Arizona, and it's a million degrees right now.  I wanted to create a look that was comfortable, easy, fast, and still a bit glam ♥

I covered the basics: light skin coverage, lashes & lips. DONE ☺

I opted for an intense pink lip for this look, and really LOVE this product!
It's a lip stain from J. Cat Beauty and it's very serious pigmentation, with a lot of serious hydration!

I hope you like the look!

♥ Concealer & Powder
♥ Light blush if desired

♥ Black Eyeliner to upper lash line
♥ Black Masacara
House of Lashes "Bambi" lashes

J. Cat Beauty Liptitude Lip Stain in "Blow Your Mind" 

There you have it! Easy, sexy, and colorful. ♥

What's your favorite Summer Glam look?

Thank you for stopping by.  I truly love it when you do!
Have a blessed week ♥


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  1. So pretty, you rock those lashes!