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For today's post, I am excited to tell you about some products I received from Maple Holistics.  Maple Holistics is a cruelty free skin & hair care company that takes a therapeutic approach to their products. They use premium natural ingredients to create products that are hypoallergenic, gentle, and guaranteed.  You will not find any carcinogens, artificial fragrances, sulfates, or parabens in any of their items!  In addition, they use natural aromatherapy formulations with 100% pure essential oils, so their products are effective AND smell amazing!

With my background in skincare, I couldn't wait to try a few of their products, so I was thrilled when they arrived.  Usually when I do a product review, I commit a decent amount of time with each item so that I get a fair assessment of how it works for me. This is important to me because I look for RESULTS!  And these goodies really got my attention!!

Let me tell you about all of the products that I tried :-)

The first products I tried were the Natural Winter Blend Shampoo & Conditioner ($13.95 each)

This effective hair care combo is incredible for those of us who get really dry, brittle hair during the colder months.  The shampoo and conditioner help to infuse the hair and scalp with moisture and stimulation, while also adding strength and shine.  These products contains a blend of a variety of mints, so your scalp feels cool, and your hair smells amazing.  The shampoo left my hair feeling clean, and the conditioner added a silkiness that left me tangle free. :-)

Ancient Clay Facial Mask  ($15.99)

This product is AMAZING!  This facial mask is a finely milled combination of clay that detoxifies, purifies, and revitalizes the skin.  With this mask, you mix it in it's powder form with water, then apply to the skin.  As it dried on my skin, I felt an incredible suction, as impurities were being drawn out to the surface.  Clay masks are typically ideal for those with oily or problematic skin because they are extremely deep cleansing. They help to remove blackheads and refine the skin. This one is extremely effective! And the quality of the clay is top notch!

Peppermint Lip Balm

This is a lovely lip balm to have especially with the winter months coming up!
I love the minty fragrance and cooling sensation that this lip balm provides. The formulation is also very moisturizing and long wearing. This is great one to keep in your pocket :-)

Vitamin C Serum For Face   $11.77

This product is a showstopper!  This is the Vitamin C Facial Serum, and it is now a regular part of my skincare regime.  I am a firm believer in anti-aging serums, and I also know how important Vitamin C is to our skin.  It helps protect our skin from free radicals, tones, brightens, and helps to boost elasticity. I always use a serum, and have for years. This one is really special because it contains vitamins A, C, & E, and it also contains hyaluronic acid which is a magical fatty acid that infuses our skin with supple hydration.  I used this religiously for a few weeks, and my skin looks fresher, more toned, and is extremely soft.  Please note the $11.77 price tag on this!! That is a steal!

All in all, I was extremely impressed with Maple Holistics. The quality is incredible, and the products are very affordable.   Please check them out!  Also, their blogger connection is currently being sponsored by  Please check them out for more information as well!

Also, if you would be interested in trying free Maple Holistics products, please visit: HERE 

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**This review contains my honest opinions about products that were sent to me by Maple Holistics. I received no monetary compensation in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions in this review are my own.

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