Killa Beauty Faux Mink Lashes: Maria

Hey, Everyone!

For today's blog post, I'm playing with a pair of faux mink lashes that I received from These lashes are bold, dramatic, and add a lot of flair to any makeup look!

The lashes that I used for this look are "Maria" and are gorgeous.  I found that they are relatively easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. They have a strong curl to them, so they are not going to wilt on you throughout the day. I would recommend using a latex based glue so that you can clean them up easily after each time you wear them. 😊

I picked up a few styles of their lashes, and have yet to try them all. 
I absolutely love the ones I've tried so far!

KillaBeauty Lashes: Nora, Suki, & Maria

If you haven't already checked out KillaBeauty, please do. Their lashes are unique, sexy, and extremely affordable (all of my favorite things). 😉

Thank you for stopping by! I truly love it when you do.


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