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Killa Beauty Faux Mink Lashes: Maria

Hey, Everyone!

For today's blog post, I'm playing with a pair of faux mink lashes that I received from KillaBeauty.com. These lashes are bold, dramatic, and add a lot of flair to any makeup look!

The lashes that I used for this look are "Maria" and are gorgeous.  I found that they are relatively easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. They have a strong curl to them, so they are not going to wilt on you throughout the day. I would recommend using a latex based glue so that you can clean them up easily after each time you wear them. 😊

I picked up a few styles of their lashes, and have yet to try them all. 
I absolutely love the ones I've tried so far!

KillaBeauty Lashes: Nora, Suki, & Maria

If you haven't already checked out KillaBeauty, please do. Their lashes are unique, sexy, and extremely affordable (all of my favorite things). πŸ˜‰

Thank you for stopping by! I truly love it when you do.


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Simply Scrub: Organic Body Scrubs

Hey, Everyone!

For this week's post, I'm delighted to share with you a new product that I've discovered! I recently was introduced to Simply Scrub, a 100% organic, natural, and chemical free body scrub company. I always get excited when trying new organic skin care, so this was a fun product to test out!!

There are four varieties of body scrubs, including soursop, coffee, rose, and chocolate ( I know! You're intrigued too!). To be honest, I've never heard of SOURSOP, so naturally I had to try this one first! In doing a little research on soursop, I've learned that it's a fruit with extremely healing properties. It helps with a myriad of skin conditions including itchy dry skin and eczema, and is rich in vitamins A, C, and E.

Soursop Organic Body Scrub

This magical scrub has a bright and fresh smell to it, and feels invigorating on the skin. This came in as an absolute lifesaver when I was waking up in the middle of the night with dry, itchy skin.  The very next day I tried this for the first time, and it felt AMAZING. My skin balanced out and began to behave itself again.  The scrub felt granular and effective, but it was also non-irritating on my sensitive spots.  My skin stayed hydrated and smooth for hours after each use.

Coffee Organic Body Scrub

The next scrub that I tried was the coffee scrub.  This scrub smells like HEAVEN as it's packed full of organic coffee beans! It is a perfect morning boost for all coffee lovers!! This scrub has anti-inflammatory properties and is very soothing on red and inflamed skin.  It is also loaded with organic Dead Sea Mineral Salt which contains over 20 minerals that fortify and smooth your skin.
My skin felt baby soft after using this, and I smelled good tooπŸ˜€

Please give Simply Scrub a visit if you are in the market to try some 100% organic, natural, and chemical free scrubs!! They are very thoughtful products that feel and smell amazing! (They are good for you, too!!)

Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly love it when you do!!

A very special and heartfelt thank you to Simply Scrub for the opportunity to try out your thoughtful products. I love them! Keep up the great work!



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